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When Max comes to after her time skip, she comes to the realization that not only is Rachel Amber alive and well, she's still together with Chloe! For Chloe Price, anything that could save her is worth a shot... Turns out zombies are a thing in Arcadia Bay, suddenly, for whatever scientific or mystical reason that will clearly never be explained.

Tired of being the third wheel, Max devises a fool proof plan to get her bae back. Send me a fluff situation and a pairing that only requires a single scene. Oh, and I will totally ignore any extreneous stuff. At least, as the world collapses around them, it gives Max and Victoria a chance to talk some things out and build a relationship. Maybe if she's lucky, she'll find a girl that doesn't confuse her so much.(Latest updates: date Vic, freak out w/ Rachel) “What, is that your super power?

This is based off a Tumblr idea of "going straight to the good parts" by tiptoe39, so there will be no lead-up: just pure fluff. Surviving zombies, raiders, and other apocalyptic cliches might prove to be the easy part of their new life together...

Si hay algo que Victoria Chase no podía permitir, ni siquiera en sí misma, era la compasión.

Took a while to figure out what`s going on, and it wasn`t really worth it.

The weird wording of phrases (such as `you don`t think she likes you` when talking to someone) made me think I`m doing things wrong and repetitive gameplay make this one not much fun in the long run you need to immediately get all subjects to 15, then buy all the items that cost .

Browse through thousands of people from around the world looking for that one special person or maybe just to make new online friends.

A beautiful young lady called Natasha, she is a real photogenic doll.

Note: For those trying to complete the gallery, there are a few fail screens. Note: For those trying to complete the gallery, there are a few fail screens.

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then after the first test get them over 30, after the second test 60, after the third 90, so on and so on.

When dealing with the relationships: seduce=20 ; kiss=30 ; grope=50 ; oral=60 ; sex=70 with bonuses at 100 for ea Gamewise the elements are very underdeveloped.

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